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Simply Shabu

267 273-0354 / Reservations

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What is shabu?

Shabu shabu, also known as "hot pot," has been around for centuries and varies by culture. Simply Shabu offers a Taiwanese-style hot pot, in which customers choose from a selection of raw meats, seafood, and vegetables that are then cooked in a broth and eaten with a dipping sauce.

Click here for instructions on how to eat shabu.

Spicy (ma la) broth and original broth.

Simply Healthy.

We are vegetarian-friendly and a majority of our items are gluten-free. Our broths are made in-house daily and are made WITHOUT MSG. 

Dungeness crabs.

Simply Local.

In an effort to support local farms, a majority of our vegetables and meats are procured from farms in PA and New Jersey. 

Udon noodles.

Simply Shabu.

We are the first hot-pot only restaurant to open in Philadelphia. There are burners at each table as well as at the bar so hot pot can be enjoyed as a group or individually.